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Without a doubt in mind being apart of the Kingdom K.E.Y.S mentoring program has been a memorable experience. Although remote, this opportunity helped me connect with other students as well as help me grow as an entrepreneur. Before the program I had already started my business but I needed extra motivation to get where I needed to be. Mr. Charles made sure to stay on top of me and I accomplished a lot because of his help. I got to launch my website and even became more financially literate. Apart from the business aspect, Mr. Charles is such a vibrant person. He always made sure that I and the rest of the interns felt comfortable. He made it his duty to check in with everyone and give help wherever it was needed. He’s an amazing mentor and is truly the Jefferson Pierce of our community.

Maria Taylor

Class of 2021

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The mentoring program was a great experience to say the least. Through my mentoring with Mr. Charles I learned a variety of qualities. I learned the fundamentals of being a gentlemen and through guidance it opened up my eyes more about life. It taught me to be appreciative and how to overcome any adversity that life throws at me.

Jaiden Forbes

Class of 2022


I have been with kingdom kings for 2 years now. This program has been such an opportunity for me and has even changed me as a person in an amazing way. This program has made me realize I am more than blessed, I absolutely love connecting with the kids and giving them my absolute best and helping them improve and succeed in school. I have also learned many things along my journey that I know I will need in the future, for example being responsible, organized, on time never late, always finding a solution to any problem, helping others doesn’t matter what it is and etc. I am just so grateful to be working with such amazing people and helping these amazing kids succeed in school, everyday I learn more and more myself and I will most definitely continue to do so.

Emely Perdomo

Class of 2022


Being apart of Kingdom Keys Mentoring has helped me grow a lot as a person. I have learned so many life lessons to help me be successful in life. Mr. Charles took interest helping me grow mentally as a young man. Even after I moved to Georgia Mr. Charles still contacts my me regularly to check on my mother and I. I enjoyed all the outings and life lesson that I learned in this program.

Reiss Maynard

Class of 2023


I was asked how Kingdom Keys mentoring program impact my life and my response is Kingdom Keys changed my life tremendously. I remember back in 2017-2018 when I first went down to their establishment and I would go there and I would just sleep from a long day of school and just really didn’t care but one day Mr. Charles saw me and being the do-gooder that he is, took interest in me and my schoolwork. I really wasn’t much of a A student or even a C student I just didn’t care about my grades, life was hard enough so I just let go but that day he made me see that I had potential that I could do better and be better, that I could prove everyone wrong including my father that I would be somebody in life. Even though I am not one to tell people how I feel and I have not really told him this but he inspired me, seeing the things that he’s doing for his family, his community and helping people really inspired me. It made me want to be a better person, so ever since that day I started working really hard improving my grades and along the way improving myself to the best person I could be and I’m still learning that with the help of my friends/family and Mr. Charles, he has not once given up on me even though I haven’t made it easy for him and I would like to tell him Thank you, I appreciate you! That’s my testimony.

Kelly Andre
Class of 2022


First, I want to say thank you for this opportunity to have worked with/for Mr.Charles this past summer, it was truly an honor and a pleasure!! I learned so much more than I've learned in all my years of schooling. Information given for things I would need in the near future even now, as I begin my journey with my business. Mr.Charles taught me how to manage a business...taught me everything I would need to start one, how to grow and expand my business and so much more. During the internship I worked with children at "Fun Time", engaging and having fun with them. I was also in the Research Program, where we helped Mr.Charles find key information to help build and launch his new program to help other students like myself. Being apart of this program opened my eyes to see all the issues we have in the school system today. This led us to develop and organize ideas and ways to solve these issues. Mr.Charles would always say, "Be Problem-Solvers Not Apart Of The Problem." Overall I had a great experience and it was one of the best internships I've ever had. 
So, thank you again for having me as one of your interns.

Sierra Johnson

Class of 2022

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