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Charles C. Osuji Jr.

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My Story

           Charles C. Osuji Jr ( a.k.a Mr. Charles) is a youth mentor & entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping underprivileged youth. Mr. Charles is the owner of Kingdom KEYS Mentoring which is a Non-Profit after school and teen mentorship program designed to help at risk youth find, understand, and manage their God given gifts & talents by given them access to learn new skills & gain new knowledge in the areas of Business, Sports Management, Technology, Medicine, and College Readiness. By helping our at risk youth find their gifts, we believe that it can lead to significant increase in student academics, confidence, and decision making.  

         Back in 2018, God instructed Mr. Charles to leave his career in management to pursue a greater calling & purpose in helping the youth. Since then Mr. Charles has helped over 250 kids & teens become better versions of their former selves, improve academically, get into college/trade school, receive collegiate scholarships, and understands how to overcome the obstacles in their lives. In addition, Mr. Charles also has been able to help 12 teen entrepreneurs to start & grow their businesses. 

         Coming from a Nigerian family, Mr. Charles knows how important education, hard work, and having a mentor is and where it could take you.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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