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Our Story


Kingdom K.E.Y.S. Mentoring is a teen non-profit organization here to bring value to teens by providing exceptional mentorship, life skills & mental health workshops, and entrepreneurship courses.

Our programs are geared to help teens to become ready for life after high school whether if its college, becoming an entrepreneur, trade school, technical school, vocational school, or joining the armed forces. 


Charles Osuji A.K.A "Mr. Charles" started Kingdom K.E.Y.S. Mentoring on October 8, 2018.

K.E.Y.S. stands for Knowledge - Elevates - Youth - Success. Mr. Charles left his current career at the time and  started this program with the idea of giving teenagers the best opportunity and tools to be success by creating a positive and energetic environment. 

Coming from a Nigerian family, Mr. Charles knows how important education is and where it could take you.

Fun Fact 

One of Mr. Charles favorite super hero's is Black Lightning. He believes that he is this world's version of Jefferson Pierce. For those that haven't heard about Black Lightning, he is a motivating & inspiring principle in the inner city known as Jefferson Pierce and at night he is a crime fighting superhero that protects the surrounding neighborhood known as Black Lighting. Jefferson Pierce motivates his students to not fall into the narrative surrounding inner city kids, but instead do better and strive for greatness. Mr. Charles believes that he is this world's Jefferson Pierce. That is part of what fuels him to help the teens in our community.

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